Managed IT Services: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Managed IT Services: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Business technology requirements are expanding exponentially, and IT support is evolving with it. 

Think back just 20 years. The standard business computer network was a far cry from what it is today. Your in-house IT team typically performed new installs, hardware replacements, and printer setups. They helped you get online, and set up your emails.

It was a simpler time—and look at where we are now.

The rapid pace of technological change is creating challenges for business owners to keep up with the latest innovations. We exist in an ecosystem of technology, a modern world in which traditional IT just won’t cut it.

Here’s how Managed IT services can ensure your business thrives in the modern, connected world.


How are Managed IT services different to traditional IT services?

While Managed IT services still perform the traditional IT roles—the hardware replacements, the bug fixes, the new user set-ups—they deliver so much more than a reactive service.

As well, Managed IT services provide you with regular IT support service that takes care of the full scope of your IT needs remotely. Instead of working as a service provider, they act as your long-term IT partner.

Why Managed IT services matter

As a growing business, your IT needs will continue to evolve. Here’s how Managed IT services can help you as you grow.

They provide ‘traditional’ IT support

Your Managed IT services provider provides a holistic service, which still covers reactive IT support. They’re available to fix bugs, troubleshoot errors, replace hardware, and get your network and devices back up and running. But they can do this remotely, meaning they’re already set up to scale with your business.

They manage your people needs

Managed IT services can take care of your user accounts for you. They can set up new users, delete old or outdated accounts, set up email and account permissions. They can even provide training on how to use basic tools, platforms, and proper online security practices.

But as your IT partner, they’ll build these services into your business practices, meaning they happen automatically, rather than having to raise a request each time; it’s a streamlined process.

They ensure your business processes run smoothly

Traditional IT has a reputation for only helping to manage hardware and software, and undertake tech replacements, when asked. Managed IT service providers ensures all these processes happen proactively.

They work with you to ensure your IT needs are built into your long-term strategy plan. They’ll  create a roadmap that takes your business’ tech needs into account, and map out your replacement schedule based on the age of your technology.

Your Managed IT provider will work with you to identify the best hardware and software, and ensure you have what you need to optimise how your business operates. It’s all about your business’ needs. 

They manage your network as your business grows

Naturally, your business’ IT needs are going to grow as your business does. So too will your network load.

Your Managed IT service provides your Adelaide business with regular network reviews, and ensures it’s configured in the most efficient way. They’ll provide advice on where your network architecture can be improved, and manage the rollout of this for you. And as a long-term partner, they see the bigger picture, ensuring your network needs are built for growth at scale.

Their goal is to maximise your business’ uptime, and optimise how your business’ network, platforms, processes, and programs work together.

They keep your business safe against external threats

Experts are saying that Australian businesses are facing a ‘tsunami of cybercrime’. That’s not a comforting thought. This is why you need to partner with an experienced Managed IT service in Adelaide: they’ll ensure you stay protected against the latest cyber security threats.

To achieve this, they audit your network architecture and ensure all your platforms and programs are current. They make sure you’ve got the latest security patches and bug fixes, the most appropriate antivirus software for your business—and even eliminate unnecessary or outdated software and hardware altogether.

They also ensure your data remains protected against ransomware attacks by deploying regular data backups. This is one of the best defences against ransomware attacks. So by regularly backing up your business’ data, and helping you take advantage of secure multi-site storage, your managed IT provider ensures your information remains up-to-date and intact. They’ll help you to continue operating, no matter what happens.

Managed IT services matter, and can make all the difference to your business

Growing businesses need an IT service that scales as they do. Contact GPK Group today to discuss Managed IT support for your Adelaide business.

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