Hosting Services – Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Use:
You agree by using the GPK services and platforms that you will not undertake any illegal activity using these products or services.

Virtual Machines
The GPK Cloud services platform allows you the ability to run virtual machines on our platform. You may upload your own image or utilise the pre-setup images we sell to you as part of an agreement.

As a user, you agree and confirm that you have purchased or secured the rights necessary to run all software, including the Operating system and all 3rd party applications running within your virtual machine.

While GPK offers basic platform assistance to access your Virtual machines via RDP (Remote desktop protocol); issues beyond the border are covered under a managed service agreement (MSA). In the event that no MSA exists between GPK and you, the end user; charges may apply for continued support or assistance.

3rd Party application support
Support for 3rd party vendors or applications can be offered and will be charged on Project basis. GPK will endevour to assist end users within the scope of our agreement, but works taken outside our standard preview (eg. Inside a virtual machine where no MSA is currently offered) Adhoc support or project pricing may apply).