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Critical Information Summary

Information about the service – Business Plans

Description of the service
GPK GROUP delivers fast, reliable broadband data using Australia’s leading Tier 1 carriers of ADSL and NBN services, and our own carrier infrastructure.

SIP can be added to your service for an additional charge. The maximum speed your service will achieve depends on the package you select. Due to many factors, your speed may vary and may be slower than your advertised package speed. Factors that may influence the speed you experience in real life include your own network setup, the location and type of content you are accessing, activities of other users on the system and upstream provider capabilities.

Service availability and coverage
GPK GROUP Internet is available in areas served by our upstream carriers, which includes all areas covered by NBNCO. We are focused on connecting our Managed services partners with high availability connections where we can guarantee the user experience end to end.

Complete enquiry form through our website at or contact us via phone 1300 854 223. A customer service representative will contact you or talk to you individually to assess your connection options.

You will require a compatible router to access the GPK GROUP network. Your existing device may be suitable, or we can supply you with a pre-configured router on request. Prices start at $139.

Minimum term
The terms are 12 or 24 months


Information about pricing

Setup and Cancellation Charges
Standard activation costs for Business customers choosing NBN or ADSL are: $199 on a 12 Month Contract; $99 on a 24 Month Contract.

Should your location require additional cabling beyond the MDF, or present complex OH&S issues, extra costs shall be the responsibility of the Customer.

If you cancel your service inside your Contract period, a cancellation fee equal to the remaining payments of your current Contract will apply.

Monthly charges
The below table shows the charges applicable to each package.

The minimum monthly charge for the applicable term plus the activation fee equals the Minimum Total Cost of your plan.

Plan Name Maximum Speed Monthly Cost (ex GST) Minimum Total Cost Included Data Data Cost
Down / Up (Mbps) 12 Months 24 Months (per Gb)
ADSL 100 24Mbps/1Mbps  $ 63.64 $962.68  $ 1,626.36 100GB $0.64
ADSL 500 24Mbps/1Mbps  $ 81.82 $1,180.84  $ 2,062.68 500GB $0.16
NBN25 100 25Mbps / 5Mbps  $ 54.55 $853.60  $ 1,408.20 100GB $0.55
NBN25 500 25Mbps / 5Mbps  $ 72.73 $1,071.76  $ 1,844.52 500GB $0.15
NBN50 100 50Mbps / 20Mbps  $ 63.64 $962.68  $ 1,626.36 100GB $0.64
NBN50 500 50Mbps / 20Mbps  $ 81.82 $1,180.84  $ 2,062.68 500GB $0.16
NBN100 100 100Mbps / 40 Mbps  $ 72.73 $1,071.76  $ 1,844.52 100GB $0.73
NBN100 500 100Mbps / 40 Mbps  $ 90.91 $1,289.92  $ 2,280.84 500GB $0.18


Other information

Data Usage
The customer portal is located online at or via the link at

Data usage is calculated for each calendar month, commencing the first day of that month. Unused data quota does not roll into the next month. Your data usage will be calculated on data transferred both to you and from you (downloads and uploads). If you exceed your plan quota your connection will be shaped to 512kbps both to and from you until your next usage period begins or you purchase a Data Top-up Pack.

We will send you emails when you usage reaches 50%, 85% and 100% of your package monthly included data.

Customer Service
Our technical assistance, billing and salespeople can assist you Monday to Friday 0900-1700 EST by calling 1300 854 223

Dispute Resolution
We take Customer satisfaction very seriously. If you remain unsatisfied, please email us at If your issue remains unresolved you may contact the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman). They can be contacted by phone on 1800 062 058 or –

This document is a summary only.
Full terms and conditions can be found in our standard form of agreement, available via the link on our website listed above.