The Top 5 Benefits of Remote Support IT Services

The Top 5 Benefits of Remote Support IT Services

Remote IT support services are crucial for modern workplaces. So if you’re still deliberating about whether or not to engage a remote IT service for your Adelaide business, here are five big benefits that you’re currently missing out on.

Remote IT Support Benefits

It’s a more comprehensive service

Remote IT support teams are made up of tech experts, whose whole business model relies on being able to offer an IT service that a more traditional or in-house IT team can’t. They’re fully trained and up-to-date with the latest IT tools and protocols, and undertake regular training to ensure their skills remain sharp. 

This means they offer a more in-depth IT service, made for Adelaide businesses with more advanced IT needs. 

Rather than the traditional break/fix IT model, and rather than a reactive IT service, remote support services are designed to be proactive. They undertake ongoing monitoring of your business’ systems and network to identify issues and ensure these get fixed before they become problems.

This proactivity also includes working with your specific vendors to ensure your business has the latest software and products. They can also negotiate better prices on your behalf, and in turn pass these savings on to your business.

Save your business money

Remote support IT providers deliver an off-site service. This means that the entirety of the IT support your Adelaide business accesses, and the bulk of the IT infrastructure needed to deliver the service, will be housed offsite too.

This IT infrastructure can be a significant drain on your business’ energy use. By engaging remote IT support services, this effectively removes all this equipment from your office, thereby reducing your energy bill. Your remote IT support service provider can work with you to determine exactly what you need in your office, so you can remove any unnecessary power-draining hardware.

It’s not just energy—it’s your software licences and devices too. Your remote IT provider can undertake a complete IT audit for you to determine where your business is overspending on software licences and user accounts that aren’t being used, and where you’re paying for unnecessary devices.

Engaging a remote IT company for your Adelaide business is also a massive cost saving measure in general. Rather than paying for an in-house IT resource, you’re outsourcing these skills to a remote team that you engage to undertake the work for you. You pay a regular, predictable fee, typically monthly, that ultimately works out to be much cheaper than even one full-time IT resource. You’re not paying for overheads or training, but purely for the services received—which are limitless.

Improve your business’ IT security

Your remote IT support provider delivers a service that’s designed for the modern workplace. Rather than simply adopting remote working capabilities, these businesses were effectively built with this capacity in mind—moulded by it, you could say. This means their processes and workflows, and indeed, the full spectrum of their service, are already created with remote capacity in mind. 

This also means they’re already across your IT security needs. They can ensure that your business is equipped with the latest software updates, that all your platforms are patched, and your antivirus and cyber security software is all running the latest versions. They work to ensure your firewalls are dialed in, your email filters are optimised—all much faster and more effectively than a traditional IT service provider.

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They can also provide you with improved data security, through remote and cloud storage solutions. This gives you an added layer of security; remote data storage ensures that if your business’ data in one location is compromised, your alternative storage location will provide the same level of coverage.

Enable a scalable business

Your business’ in-house IT support team helps you manage the day-to-day IT business that your staff need. And, if we’re being honest, their role is a very static one; it manages the current IT needs of your business.

Remote support IT services are designed to grow as your business does, and hence they enable your business to scale far more readily. Their entire role is to provide IT support to businesses of all sizes, so they’re already equipped to work with organisations larger than yours. They can offer remote IT support at scale, and they’re not tied down to the physical limitations of your office. 

They’ve got the tools, technological expertise, and knowledge to service your business’ IT needs whether you’ve got a team of seven, 70, or 700. And, as they’re located remotely too, you don’t need to worry about including them in your headcount—their service can evolve as your business needs do.

Improved emergency response

Remote IT support services already have an upper hand over in-house teams: they’re located remotely. It sounds obvious, and, well, it is. But it’s a crucial differentiator in how your business responds to emergencies.

Your remote IT company in Adelaide is already working offsite, so their infrastructure, collaboration tools, databases, and platforms are all set up for fast and flexible remote work. This means they can deliver a faster, more streamlined emergency response for your business, and ensure your business’ important data is safe and secure in offsite or cloud storage solutions. 

Take the very real example of COVID-19. The world was forced to work remotely, and continue to deliver services in a time of extreme flux. But remote support IT services were already providing this, and their workflows were already set up for it.

At GPK Group, we deliver comprehensive remote IT support for Adelaide businesses. Get in touch with us today to discuss an IT support solution that grows as your business does—wherever you’re located.

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