5 Benefits of Managed IT Services for the Remote Workforce

5 Benefits of Managed IT Services for the Remote Workforce

The benefits of managed IT services for Adelaide businesses are clear. But what about those of your team who don’t work in the office?

Here’s the thing. Managed IT services are made for the modern workplace, and can even provide more benefit for your remote workforce.

1. Improve your operational efficiency

Working and operating remotely by nature, their services are built to enable remote working situations. So your managed IT service’s workflows, processes, and practices are already designed to integrate with your remote teams. They can work with you to improve your IT systems and workflows so they’re optimised for remote work, too.

2. Available when your staff need them

With your teams working remotely, their work hours have likely changed. That’s not to say they’re working around the clock—we sincerely hope not—but they may be starting earlier, or finishing later, to better help them balance their work life with home life.

Your Managed IT service provider does the same. Their teams understand that flexible, responsive service is critical. So while they may not work around-the-clock either, you can rest assured that your Managed IT company in Adelaide doesn’t clock off at 4.30pm. Instead, they’ll offer flexible service options that match your business hours, whether you need coverage for 8.30am to 5.30pm, 7am to 7pm, or 24-hour support. The best Managed IT providers may also have a 24-hour hotline, ensuring you’re always able to get help in an emergency, no matter the hour.

3. Facilitate growth with long-term IT strategy

Your Managed IT services provider doesn’t just support your business with its day-to-day tech needs. They also provide long-term, holistic IT strategy and support. They can work with you to understand your business’ needs, and those of your remote workforce, to ensure that solutions are built into your business’ plan that continue to optimise how your remote workforce operates.

They can provide strategic IT planning as part of their IT support to your Adelaide business, to ensure you have the room and capability to grow. And they’ll be growing with you. This ensures your business has the right tools, software, and devices available, dependent on the needs of your workers and your business plan, and that ongoing reviews and upgrades are planned in to ensure this situation continues for the long term.

4. Improved flexibility

Flexibility is critical to ensuring your remote workforce is able to manage their workload and day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively. Luckily, your Managed IT service provider in Adelaide is set up in a way that maximises flexibility in how they work, too. They understand the challenges and opportunities that remote work brings, so their systems are set up to ensure your business can take advantage of these. 

They’re able to provide you with advice and guidance on the best software and tools to use that improve the flexibility of your remote workforce. Whether it’s better channels for team communication, more effective tools for departmental collaboration, or if it’s just providing easier ways for your staff to contact their friendly Managed IT support staff for questions and queries.

Your Managed IT service provider works with you to ensure your staff have the freedom to work anywhere, and that they’re set up to do it as effectively as possible.

5. Faster response in emergency situations

Your Managed IT service provider is already working remotely, so this means they already have the response mechanisms in place should emergencies occur. In a situation where proactive issue avoidance and maintenance isn’t possible, they’re able to jump into action at a moment’s notice, and access your systems and devices, and begin working on solving your problem immediately.

This works both for cyber and physical threats, too. 

Take the example of an office fire. Your Managed IT company in Adelaide ideally already has your data working on a remote backup service. This means that all your important business documentation and information is all stored safely and securely on a cloud server, meaning there’s no chance of things getting lost in an office fire.

In terms of cyber threats, your Managed IT service provider will typically provide proactive cyber threat management, and have your antivirus and security processes updated with the latest versions. Look at the example of the Microsoft Exchange server data breach earlier in 2021. Your Managed IT service provider would have heard about this, then quickly worked to patch your system with Microsoft’s fix, without you needing to even ask them to do so.

Your Managed IT provider has plans in place to react smoothly and seamlessly, and come online to help your business in emergency situations, regardless of where they’re situated.


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At GPK Group we understand just how important Managed IT support services are for your remote workforce, so we deliver comprehensive and robust Managed IT services for Adelaide businesses. 

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