What Common IT Services Require Onsite IT Support?

What Common IT Services Require Onsite IT Support?

Nobody enjoys powering up their computer and finding nothing but errors preventing them from working. When you’re up against deadlines and customers breathing down your neck—you need to get back online and fast.

Onsite IT support is purely for those very issues. When a problem arises and can’t be resolved remotely, you need a pro in the office to help you get back up and running.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about onsite IT support and which common services require it the most.

Onsite IT Support

What Is Onsite IT Support?

IT onsite support is there to answer ‌all tech-related questions and issues in your daily operations. Productivity is threatened when the technology you work with begins turning on you. Onsite IT support services ensure you never lose precious hours.

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What Are the Benefits of Onsite IT Support?

Many benefits come with using onsite IT support as opposed to remote services.

Here are a few of the most prominent benefits you might encounter when working with onsite IT support services:

  • Communicating in person is more accessible.

Talking to anyone on the phone can be a challenge—talking to an agent in person makes everything more straightforward. Effectively communicate your problems, be able to answer questions and expect smooth sailing.

  • More capable and likely to ask questions and for help when an IT onsite support professional is around.

Knowing you’ve got a professional in your midsts means being more comfortable asking questions you need answers to. Sometimes Google doesn’t have all the answers, and even the ones they give are confusing. Having an onsite IT support services pro on the premises means learning to troubleshoot minor issues before they become significant issues.

  • Not all problems can just be fixed remotely by tech support.

IT onsite support only exists because some problems a person on a computer far away can’t fix. This is especially true with hardware issues. Technicians need to diagnose the problem, fix the issue, and get everything in working order, which requires being there in person.

  • Progress is made in real-time.

Waiting on hold for someone to help you with a technical issue can be infuriating. Progress sometimes feels slow or non-existent. Having onsite IT support means managing the situation, getting updates in real-time, knowing what’s going on, and maybe learning a thing or two—usually in half the time!

What Common IT Services Require Onsite IT Support?

There are tons of common IT services that require onsite IT support. These are the most common ones:

File Servers & Cyber Security

For years, companies have drifted away from internal file servers, instead opting for more accessible and cheaper options like backing their data up on the cloud. In an age of cyber security attacks, it’s no surprise people are rethinking their data storage methods and are looking for the most protection for their data.

Having file servers onsite requires an onsite IT specialist to make sure things are always in working order. Even major cloud storage companies need onsite IT support for their massive data centres. With cyber security increasingly becoming an issue for just about every company out there, ramping up your protection for your data is more essential than ever.

Computer Repairs

To understand the issue, you need to be there to see it for yourself. For someone who doesn’t understand computers, detailing the problems can be a challenge for everyone involved. Onsite IT specialists will have a much easier time finding and resolving the problems themselves.

Network Equipment

Network equipment to keep a business running can be extensive and highly complicated. All the devices that work together to ensure smooth operation in the workplace can come crumbling down with just one faulty wire or one corrupt device or hard drive. Onsite IT professionals are necessary. They don’t waste time because they’re likely aware of the potential problems or weak links before even knowing the situation.


Point-of-sale systems frequently have issues, and when they do, they can cause havoc. Not being able to access or properly use your POS can cause severe delays and other problems that can lose your business customers and money.

Key Takeaway

Knowing what common IT services require onsite IT support can help you make better decisions for your business. By securing the right company to provide IT support, you’re ensuring that your business is always operating to the best of its ability!

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