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Whether you require a quick repair or an entire network upgrade, our all-inclusive technology solutions and managed IT services will meet your Perth business IT needs.

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Outsourcing Your Business IT & Focus on Business Growth With Our Perth Managed IT Services

When it comes to running your business, having technology that runs smoothly – and securely is paramount. Our dedicated team will take complete responsibility for your entire IT infrastructure, ensuring your software and systems align with your business goals, securely.

You’ll have ongoing support and fast resolution of any issues that arise, ensuring your business stays competitive – with your IT systems running smoothly.

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Optimise Your Business IT Management For Enhanced Growth

In today’s era, ensuring the reliability and security of your business networks and technology solutions is paramount. Having reliable managed services and dedicated support is instrumental in keeping your company moving forward.

Rest assured, the team at GPK Group provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are running at optimal levels, avoiding any hiccups that may disrupt your business flow.

Expert Managed IT Services Providers

Managed IT for Perth Businesses

Retail Solutions

An extensive range of retail solutions and integrations including Merlin, POS & CCTV.

Cyber Security

A complete range of cutting edge cyber security, virus and threat minimisation systems.

Cloud Solutions

Powerful integrated cloud solutions including Microsoft Azure, public, private and hybrid.

IT Services

IT Consulting and Managed Services to streamline, optimise and expand your business.


Our team provides comprehensive connectivity solutions to meet all of your business requirements.

CCTV & Alarms

Specialist hardware and security implementation, from Retail solutions through to CCTV technology.
Why Work With GPK Group?

Remove The Risks That Come With Self-Managed  IT With The Help Of Our Expert Team

As your business expands, your data and technology become more and more important. You need to know your software and systems are working for you and that you have the tools to operate at peak performance. You don’t want to worry about time-consuming tech glitches slowing you down, and you won’t have to when you work with us.

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Say Goodbye To Tech Headaches – Once And For All

We’ll make sure that your systems remain running flawlessly. How? We detect possible errors before they even occur, so you don’t have to waste time dealing with any malfunctions or breakdowns in the first place! Proactive monitoring lets us ensure all of your processes are kept efficient and effective at maximum capacity.

We protect your business from ransomware attacks by proactively monitoring your systems and creating regular data backups. We’ll safeguard your systems so that no they are secured from outside entry, but even in the event of a malicious attack, you can still access your data. Downtime is minimised, so your operations stay afloat and updated at all times!

System audits
Your current systems could be failing you. When you start working with our Perth-based managed IT services team, we’ll audit your entire network architecture and ensure that your programs are up-to-date with the newest security patches and bug fixes. While there, we’ll assess any unnecessary or antiquated software and hardware to ensure your business has the best tools to succeed.

GPK Group’s Managed IT for Perth based businesses

Proactive support
Our IT and cyber security specialists don’t just wait for a problem to arise. We take initiative; actively monitoring your systems and network so that we can recognise any errors or potential cyber-attacks even before they become an issue. You will be notified of any threats, with us beside you every step of the way if you need support.

Reduce costly downtime
Say goodbye to expensive break/fix cycles with our managed IT services. With regular monitoring, we’ll detect and solve issues before they cause issues. As your support company, you can rest assured that our dedicated management and response times will ensure optimal performance levels of your operating systems and IT environment.

Secure peace of mind
Our Perth-based team will ensure you have appropriate security measures to protect against cyber threats. Our experts will conduct a thorough vulnerability analysis of your system, identifying any weak spots and providing innovative solutions to ensure the security of your IT system. You’ll have peace of mind, and we’ll ensure continuous management of your network infrastructure.

What is GPK Group’s approach to managed IT services?

Analyse your IT needs
Your company is unique, and your IT needs should reflect that. We offer a custom managed IT solution made specifically for your business in Perth., taking an approach to match your business needs, rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions.
Our first step is to create a comprehensive map of your IT network. We’ll determine the scope and complexity of your system architecture, as well as where we can provide you with the most support. Plus, our team will identify any security flaws in order to safeguard against potential attacks and detect outdated software and solutions – gaining an all-encompassing understanding of how best we can assist in meeting your needs.

Determine the level of managed services and support you need
GPK Group is committed to offering customised managed IT services, Perth and surrounds, with a comprehensive range of IT solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our initial network audit allows us to comprehend precisely what your business needs, allowing us to build an optimised plan with personalised solutions.
Utilising our expertise and specialised tools, we deliver maximum value that meets both the short-term and long-term goals of your organisation. It’s possible that you won’t need all of our services or will only need us to take care of some aspects of your IT systems.

A proactive approach to managed services, Perth
At GPK Group, we don’t just respond to your needs—we anticipate them. Our team will constantly keep track of the changes in your business’ IT requirements and continually analyse your IT ecosystem. As your service provider, we’ll adjust our support services according to whatever is needed. We’ll scale with you too. No matter how much success and growth your business experiences, we’ll be there every step of the way ensuring your managed IT services are helping you achieve your goals.

What managed IT services does GPK offer Perth businesses?

Our dedicated specialist team offers you a comprehensive IT experience and support, taking over the reins of your entire technological suite so that you can dedicate more time to running your business. GPK Group’s managed IT services will:

  • Ensure your business vision and IT systems are working in alignment
  • Centralise and completely streamline your IT services
  • Enhance your business operations with a partner-managed EOS solution to bring you greater success
  • Maximise cost-efficiency by scaling your IT solutions for optimal growth
  • Streamline your company’s existing IT systems and settings
  • Identify and address vulnerabilities proactively instead of reactively
  • Keep your digital security up-to-date so you are prepared for any eventuality
  • Ensure complete peace of mind with your business data, documents, and devices

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Perth Managed IT Services FAQs

Both are IT support – yes!, but one is on an ad-hoc basis (usually on a pay-as-you-go basis), and the other is packaged to give you ongoing support that suits your business needs. While traditional IT support typically focuses on resolving errors internally or through an outsourced help desk, Managed IT support offers a more comprehensive approach.

Managed IT solutions entail outsourcing all your IT requirements to a proficient IT team, extending past on-the-spot troubleshooting. Instead of solely addressing bugs or managing hardware, a Managed Service Provider oversee your entire technological landscape and infrastructure management. This encompasses network optimisation, hardware management, project management, data storage, training and comprehensive cyber security support.

At GPK Group, we tailor an IT solution to suit your specific needs, managing your entire IT infrastructure on your behalf. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll create a solution to address all aspects of your business’s IT needs.

We’re not here to replace your internal IT team. Instead, we team up with them to provide an all-encompassing IT solution and help with anything they need extra support with. Your in-house team can stay focused on their specific tasks, be it hands-on tech support or diving into data analysis. Together, we’ll give your network and infrastructure a thorough once-over to make sure you’ve got the right tech tools at your fingertips and work out how we can best work together.

If you want to outsource things though completely, we can help with that, too.

Without knowing your needs and company size, it’s pretty hard to give a figure. If you are looking to work with us as your managed ICT services provider, we can have a free, in-depth chat about what your needs are, assess your current systems, and give you a comprehensive quote.

We can also bundle data backup, disaster recovery, cloud solutions, and managed cyber security services while handling your general IT needs and IT support requests. This will give you a reliable on-call support team at cost-effective pricing, with a clear service level agreement outlining the personalised service you’ll receive. Call us directly for a chat, or fill in our contact form, and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can help and give you a clear idea of costs.

We have provided businesses with reliable, friendly IT assistance for over twenty years. We have clients with smaller teams of 5 staff and large organisations with over 200 staff. We’ve also been with some businesses long enough to see them grow from one to the other!

We do have a large number of clients in retail supermarkets, warehousing, distribution, logistics and aged care, which means we are very familiar with industry-specific needs in these areas, but we work with a lot of other businesses, too. No matter which industry you are in or how big you aim to grow, we can provide a solid management plan and highly effective solutions to achieve your business goals.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help your Perth business with a full range of technology and managed IT services.