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Let us provide your Brisbane business with seamless and streamlined managed IT services to meet all your technology needs. We've got you covered, from same-day fixes to an entire network upgrade.

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Minimise IT Risks, Maximise Your Business Growth With Brisbane's Leading Managed IT Services Specialists

For a growing business, protecting your data and technology is crucial. You need reliable software and systems that fit your needs and strong security measures to block cyber threats, which are increasingly common. GPK Group will work with you to ensure you have the tools and processes to increase efficiency and avoid disruptive downtime.

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Optimise Your Business IT Management and Drive Company Growth

In today’s landscape, ensuring your business technology runs smoothly and your data is secure is paramount. The right technology working efficiently lets you get your job done without trying to sort out tech glitches and issues, making day-to-day operations much easier.

With our services, you can rest assured that your systems are safeguarded against potential threats, providing you with peace of mind.

Responsive End-to-End User & Desktop Support Services

What Services Can Be Included Within a Managed IT Plan?

Retail Solutions

An extensive range of retail solutions and integrations including Merlin, POS & CCTV.

Cyber Security

A complete range of cutting-edge cyber security, virus and threat minimisation systems.

Cloud Solutions

Powerful integrated cloud solutions, including Microsoft Azure, public, private and hybrid.

IT Services

IT Consulting and Managed Services to streamline, optimise and expand your business.


Our team provides comprehensive connectivity solutions to meet all of your business requirements.

CCTV & Alarms

Specialist hardware and security implementation, from Retail solutions through to CCTV technology.
We Provide Managed & Maintenance Services

Enhance Your Business IT Management for Uninterrupted Growth

Having excellent tech support and fast resolution of your tech issues can make a difference in your team’s efficiency and overall company growth. By implementing the right technology and solutions tailored to your needs, you can confidently drive your core business forward. With GPK Group as your managed service providers, you can delegate the responsibility of maintaining and protecting your systems – ensuring you can focus on propelling your company’s growth.

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Say Goodbye to Technical Headaches for Good & Partner with GPK for a Managed IT Service that You Can Rely on.

Our proactive managed services provide your business with extensive IT monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about tech issues. By detecting potential errors in advance, we are able to prevent them from happening, keeping your computer systems and IT processes operating without the glitches. Put simply: no more tech headaches!

Stop Ransomware in its Tracks

We work on security processes, ensuring your network security is strong. We create a strong data backup plan so that your business data is intact even in the event of a ransomware attack. We factor in redundancies ensuring that even if one backup source fails, that your data remains intact – allowing you to continue running without interruptions.

Comprehensive System Audits

Your network architecture could be slowing your business down. We can audit your systems and ensure that all of your applications and programs are up to date, ensuring you have the latest updates, patches and fixes to get the best out of your technology. We can also completely eliminate the need for outdated structures by solving any larger issues at play.

How Exactly Does a Manage IT Service Support Your Business?

Proactive & Responsive Support

Our Brisbane cyber security and IT support specialists don’t wait for you to contact us. We proactively watch over your network and systems, identifying technical issues and potential threats, before they become a big problem. We will notify you immediately – and our team is always ready to provide phone support when you need it most!

Minimise Costly Downtime

Utilising our proactive system monitoring, you’ll no longer be stuck in the endless loop of break and fix. We will identify and solve problems before they affect your business operations. We will agree upon defined response times when our partnership begins, ensuring your business has maximum uptime for a fixed monthly fee.

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Protect your Brisbane business from any potential cyber threats with the help of GPK Group. Our knowledgeable experts will conduct an initial analysis to spot weaknesses in your current network security and cybersecurity posture, providing reliable solutions that address these gaps for good. You’ll enjoy a much more secure system and peace of mind with our ongoing support too.

What is Our Approach to Providing a Managed IT Service?

Analyse Your IT Needs

When you partner with us as your managed services provider, we will customise a managed IT solution to your Brisbane business’s distinct needs. Our process starts by examining your network and IT systems from top to bottom; evaluating its size and architecture, uncovering any security flaws, and inspecting existing equipment for obsolete components or technology.-all while understanding where it is presently and what might be required your company grows in the future. In this way we create an IT plan that ensures maximum performance of every component of your system!

Determine Your Desired Level of Support

You deserve a custom IT solution that caters to all your IT requirements, and our initial network assessment allows us to understand what you need. From here, we will construct a highly cost-effective plan that optimises your IT systems. If any of our services are unnecessary for your business, we’ll let you know and provide guidance on any alternatives required so that only relevant solutions are provided. We can also provide additional strategies to future-proof your business once everything is set up, or as your business scales.

Proactive Monitoring & Assessments

At GPK Group, we don’t just react to your business’s IT needs —we’re ahead of the game. Once you partner with us, our team will continuously monitor and assess your company’s changing requirements. As a result, we can tailor solutions that shift as needed for your business to achieve maximum success. Our goal is not only meeting but surpassing your technology objectives – allowing you to grow and expand at an accelerated pace!

What Managed Solutions Can We Offer?

Our technology specialists offer comprehensive IT services and support to protect your entire technology stack, freeing you to focus on your business operations. As your managed IT service provider, we will assist you to:

  • Align your IT vision with your organisation’s long-term objectives
  • Simplify your IT operations, and centralising them through one reliable source.
  • Improve business performance with the help of a partner-managed EOS system
  • Leverage cost-effective, highly effective IT solutions
  • Maximise your existing structures and settings, and remain ahead of any changes for the future
  • Consistent testing of your security systems to ensure any vulnerabilities are addressed promptly
  • Ensure you’re always one step ahead of cyber threats to maintain the safety of your data
  • Have peace of mind that your business’ data and documents are all securely protected.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Standard IT support is generally done by submitting a request to get an issue fixed. These issues often fall into technicians’ work queues and are not bound by any agreed-on SLA response time.

A Managed IT Service Goes Above & Beyond This.

Simply put, a managed IT service outsources all your technology needs to an experienced team of end-to-end infrastructure support specialists:

  • desktop support
  • server support
  • hardware procurement
  • print specialists
  • network engineers


With GPK Group as your managed IT service provider, you are backed by an entire department of experts within their fields.

Beyond addressing technical issues or handling hardware requirements, we oversee all aspects of your technology needs when working with you.

This includes:

  • Proactive support with remote monitoring and remote support, as well as onsite visits as required
  • Optimising networks, providing cloud services, fulfilling hardware necessities and planning for business success using technology
  • Securely managing data storage, implementing backup and disaster recovery as part of a business continuity plan.
  • We are conducting staff training and providing comprehensive cyber security support.

Our managed IT services team will collaborate with your Brisbane business, designing a customised IT solution that effectively manages your network infrastructure. We’ll work on your behalf, keeping your technology solutions and system security at peak levels.

No, unless that’s what you want to do. We work with many Australian businesses, liaising successfully with internal IT teams, not replacing them – but complementing their work.

We work with many in-house tech teams, providing support, filling any gaps and helping with more significant projects as needed.

Sometimes, there is too much work for an internal team to take promptly act, and we can help.

Your onsite staff can dedicate their attention to your specific internal operations, whether it involves hands-on technical support or high-level data analysis.

We collaborate with them to offer a comprehensive assessment of your network and infrastructure, ensuring the availability of suitable tech solutions.

If you’re contemplating a complete outsourcing approach, we’re prepared to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you.

This depends on your business size, technology support needs, and the number of services we are providing ongoing support for. Our support team provide customised solutions based on our service agreements, delivering affordable prices to suit your business operations.

We can provide a precise quote with no obligations at all. Just call or send us your details via the contact form, and one of our friendly team will help you understand the costs.

We analyse your business, the number of seats you have, the type of hardware you’re running and the time you need from us to fully support your needs.

We offer comprehensive managed IT support tailored to businesses of all sizes in Brisbane. Whether you’re a small business with five staff members or a larger enterprise with 200 employees, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Our managed IT services cater to various industries, including:

  • Warehousing, distribution and logistics
  • Retail stores, especially supermarkets
  • Aged care and disability providers


We customise our approach by considering and aligning your unique IT requirements with your budget and organisational goals. Regardless of your business’s current size or future growth plans, we deliver scalable, managed IT solutions to support your evolving needs.

We sure do. Managed IT and cyber security are a large part of our work for Brisbane businesses. Here’s what it means for you:

  1. Proactive IT security coverage: Our cybersecurity experts proactively monitor your network and systems to detect and address threats or vulnerabilities before they escalate.
  2. Full accountability for your IT needs: We collaborate with you to ensure your IT security systems remain updated and optimised for comprehensive protection.
  3. Tailored security solution: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business benefits from a customised security solution that addresses your specific needs.
  4. Hassle-free IT security management: With our Managed Security Solutions, you can rest assured that your IT security is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.


Our managed IT services are usually combined with cyber security solutions, giving Brisbane businesses the proactive, comprehensive IT security management that they need.