Managed IT Services Adelaide

We make your complex IT needs simple, from start to finish.

From same-day technology fixes, to a complete upgrade of your entire network, our Managed IT Services provide a comprehensive, streamlined IT solution that takes care of your business’ IT needs from end to end.

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“They continue to deliver at the high standards we expect. They are efficient, professional and very understanding of our business and needs and I have no hesitation in recommending them!”

Chris W.

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Remove the Risks and Focus on Growing Your Business

As a growing business, you need to ensure that your data and technology is protected. You want to know that you’re using the right software and systems for your business needs, and have peace of mind that your security processes and protocols are robust enough to protect you against cyber threats—which are now a matter of if, not when.

A Long Term Solution

Engaging GPK Group as your Managed IT Service provider streamlines your current IT solutions, creating a multiyear IT strategy that supports your long term business plan. We meet with you regularly, and take accountability of your IT needs as though we were staff, managing everything from your hardware and software management, to help desk services, data backups, and cybersecurity, in one central location. It allows you to focus on your day-to-day business, while we take over the management of your entire IT footprint. 


IT Services Adelaide

Ensure your business runs smoothly

Managed IT services goes far beyond simple tech support. At GPK Group, we provide you with ongoing, regular IT support when you need it. And by support, we mean the full scope of your IT needs. We work to understand your IT systems, and review your network to ensure it’s configured in the most efficient way. We’re there to fix your issues quickly and efficiently, and ensure you never suffer unnecessary downtime.


Our goal is to maximise your business’ uptime, and optimise how your business’ network, platforms, processes, and programs work together. Think of us as your one-stop IT service provider: you get a dedicated IT service team who consolidates all your IT services into one efficient relationship.

Managed IT Support Adelaide

Proactively Avoid Technology Headaches

We provide proactive IT monitoring to ensure your tech headaches are kept to a minimum. Proactive monitoring means we’re able to detect errors before they occur, enabling you to avoid errors altogether, keeping your systems and processes running smoothly.


We also keep you protected against ransomware attacks by deploying regular data backups. By regularly backing up your business’ data, and building in redundancies should one backup source fail, we ensure your business’ downtime is minimised. Your information remains up-to-date and intact, and you’re able to continue operating, no matter what happens.

System Audits

It’s also your systems that could be letting you down. We audit your network architecture and ensure all your platforms and programs are current, you’ve got the latest security patches and bug fixes—and even eliminate unnecessary or outdated software and hardware altogether.


IT Solutions Adelaide

How GPK Group’s Managed IT Support helps your business

Proactive Support

At GPK Group, our cybersecurity and IT experts don’t just wait for you to come to us. We provide proactive monitoring of your network and systems, to ensure we identify errors or potential cyber attacks before they become an issue. We’ll notify you of any potential threats, and be there on the phone to help you through it.

Minimise Costly Downtime

Our proactive system monitoring means you’re not stuck in the break/fix cycle, and we can detect and fix problems before they negatively impact your business. We agree on defined response times when we begin our partnership, so you get peace of mind that your systems up and running as soon as possible. Our team is there when you need us to help ensure your IT systems remain operational.

Secure Peace of Mind

Stay protected no matter what happens. At GPK Group, our cyber security experts ensure your Adelaide business has the right protection systems and processes in place to minimise your vulnerability against cyber threats. We’ll perform an initial vulnerability analysis to determine any gaps in your cyber security, then provide solutions to patch these gaps, and provide you with a safer, more secure system.

A Focus on Security

Our team provides proactive support to manage your cybersecurity concerns. We ensure your business is equipped with the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software, keeping it up-to-date, to protect you against malware, ransomware, viruses, worms, and malicious bots.

Data Backup & Recovery

The best defence against cybersecurity threats is regular, comprehensive data backup solutions. GPK Group provides regular data backup services, safely stored in multiple on-site and remote storage locations, featuring enterprise level protection. Your business’ data has never been safer.

Managed Desktop Support

We’ll be there when something goes wrong to get your devices back up and running as soon as possible. We provide hardware and software setup, support, data backup and recovery, and technical support services to ensure your tech is always on, and always available.

Managed IT Solutions Adelaide

Our Process

Analyse your IT needs

Your business isn’t like any other business in Adelaide, so your IT needs won’t be the same, either. When we work with you, we create a tailored managed IT solution bespoke to your Adelaide business.

We begin by mapping out your entire IT network. We determine the size, scope, and complexity of your network architecture and systems, and determine where you’ll need our support the most. We discover any security vulnerabilities, identify outdated or legacy equipment, and gain a holistic understanding of where your systems currently are, and where they may grow in the future.

Determine the level of support you need

At GPK Group, our goal is to provide you with a tailored IT solution that manages all your IT needs for you. Our initial IT network audit helps us to understand exactly what your business needs, and enables us to create a solution that maximises the benefits of what we can provide you. 

So it’s possible you won’t need all the services we provide. If so, we’ll advise you where our services won’t be necessary, and provide you with guidance on what you can deploy instead.

Once we’ve determined the extent of our service offering, we’ll then walk you through the comprehensive strategy of how we’ll manage your IT services.

A Proactive Approach

At GPK Group, we’re not just responsive—we’re proactive. That means once we partner with you, we continue to monitor your business’ IT needs as they evolve. We analyse our service delivery at regular intervals to ensure it’s meeting your requirements, and then adjust our services as we go to ensure your needs are always met. We’ll be there to help your business as you scale, and deliver the systems and processes that enable you to achieve the growth you’re aiming for.


Professional Services

IT Consulting

GPK Group provides qualified, certified dedicated IT support. We provide pro-active management for Server, Desktop, Device and Applications.

IT Sales

GPK Group is a one stop solution for all your IT infrastructure procurement requirements. We provide hardware, software and licensing.

Digital Development – inc, Web and Mobile

We provide professional Web Development services, eCommerce consulting, website management and maintenance and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO services).

IT Operations – Delivery and Management

GPK Group is an Australian leader in providing Managed Services. Our MSA plans are designed to cover the entire technology footprint.

Application Development – inc CRM and Software

We provide software development services for Applications, CRM and Retail Software.

Project Management

Full project management lifecycle services from initiation through to closure using trusted methodologies such as PRINCE2, PMBoK and Agile.

GPK's Managed IT Solutions

Our specialist team provide you with holistic IT services and support, managing your entire technology suite, and letting you focus on running your business. Our managed IT solutions will help you:

  • Structure your IT vision so it reflects your long-term business goals
  • Centralise all your IT needs through one streamlined point of call
  • Implement a partner-managed EOS solution
  • Leverage scalable and more cost-effective IT solutions
  • Optimise your business’ existing systems and settings, and keep these updated for the future
  • Regularly test your security systems to ensure any vulnerabilities are managed proactively
  • Improve your security posture so you stay protected and prepared against future cyber security threats
  • Get peace of mind that your business’ data, documents, and devices are secure

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Adelaide Managed IT Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. Where IT support is typically an error support service that’s run in-house, or outsourced to an external IT help desk, Managed IT support goes far beyond that.

As simply as possible, managed IT solutions outsources all your IT needs to an experienced IT team—not just fixing errors. Instead of just fixing bugs, or managing your hardware needs, they take care of the full scope of your technology needs for you. From network optimisation, to hardware needs, data storage, training, and full cyber security support.

At GPK Group, we work with your needs to create a tailored IT solution that manages your entire IT network needs for you. You don’t have to do a thing—just give us a call and we can discuss a solution to take care of your business’ entire IT footprint.

We can’t give you a flat cost because it’s such a tailored service. What your business needs won’t be the same as the company next door. To discuss the cost of managed IT support for your Adelaide business, contact us today.

At GPK Group we don’t rely on cookie-cutter IT solutions. Instead, we provide bespoke managed IT services based on your specific system requirements and expectations. We achieve this by analysing your existing network and IT needs, and then determining the depth and breadth of service that’s going to best meet your needs.

Yes. Managed IT Security Solutions for Adelaide businesses is one of the pillar services that we provide. What this means for you is:

  • You get proactive IT security cover. Our cybersecurity experts monitor your network and systems to ensure we catch any threats or vulnerabilities before they become and issue.
  • We take full accountability of your IT needs. We partner with you to ensure your IT security systems are up to date, we keep everything up to date and optimised to ensure total security for your business.
  • You get peace of mind that your business has a bespoke solution that covers your security needs.
  • You don’t have to worry about your IT security—we manage it all for you. That’s why it’s called Managed Security Solutions.

We provide managed IT support to Adelaide businesses of all sizes. From small businesses with 5 staff, to businesses with 200 staff, and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

We do this by taking your individual IT needs into account, balancing your budget and size against your specific IT goals. Regardless of the size of your business, no matter how big you’re aiming to grow, we can provide managed IT solutions that scale as you do.

We typically provide managed IT services to businesses in the following industries:

  • Warehousing
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Retail supermarkets
  • Aged care providers

Our aim isn’t to replace your internal IT team. Instead, we partner with your internal tech support team to provide a holistic IT solution. Your staff on the ground can focus on the specific in-house operations you need, whether it’s hands-on tech support, or high-level data analysis. We work with them to provide a holistic overview of your network, infrastructure, and ensure you have the right tech solutions available to you.

However, if that’s something that you’re considering, we can discuss it with you.