Everything You Need to Know About IT Support

Everything You Need to Know About IT Support

A lot of people have misconceptions about IT support services and what they actually deliver for a business.

Many people think all they really do is catch errors, fix bugs from time to time, and help you when your computer is doing something funny.

But tech support is much broader than that, and often a massive range of IT support services are provided by these companies.

So below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about IT support (hopefully giving you a better understanding of what this industry does).

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What are IT support services?

“IT” stands for information technology. And in a nutshell, IT support involves the delivery of technical assistance by computer experts.

But digging a little deeper, a quality IT service has the role not only to address every IT query you have but tackle the problems you didn’t know you had.

The trick you have as a business when finding IT support companies in Brisbane, or whatever city you’re in, is locating a proactive service that anticipates your tech issues before they actually become issues. This can range from updating your software and installing the latest cybersecurity measures to protecting your data and confidential information.

Exceptional IT support is supposed to act as not just a service provider, but a partner to a business – helping it focus on its core work so it can grow to its maximum potential.

What does an IT support team do?

What an IT support team does will different depending on its skill set and expertise, as well as what your company requires them to do.

Generally, however, an IT support team is capable of performing the following type of services.


This involves assisting you on any ongoing IT projects you have, and advising what strategies you can put in place to ensure your systems and networks are as robust as possible.

Installing hardware and software

An IT team can get your entire network set up, and install all the required software you need to do business whether it be simple word processing, bookkeeping, video editing or complex financial trading.

Monitor your systems and networks

A managed IT services provider will routinely observe the status of your networks to make sure all the latest patches, software and cybersecurity measures are installed. That way, your data can be protected as much as possible.

This is becoming more and more important with the ongoing threat of cybersecurity breaches. During the 2020-21 financial year, the Australian Cyber Security Centre observed an increase in 13% of cybercrime reports from the previous financial year.

Ongoing tech support and maintenance

If any staff member in your business comes across an IT issue – whether it’s a computer that won’t turn on, a faulty printer or a systems outage – an IT support services company can jump in to fix the problem.

Crisis handling

The unexpected sometimes happens, whether it’s a data breach or a complete shutdown of your network. An IT support team with quick response times can step in and save the day.

IT training

IT support personnel can help educate your staff on basic cyber hygiene, ensuring they are trained in the right behaviour when navigating your network

Sometimes the most catastrophic cyber breaches can happen because an employee clicked a wrong link or opened a dodgy attachment.

Benefits of IT support

Save valuable time

The great thing about hiring an IT support company to manage all your technology issues is that you don’t have to sit there and solve every single issue that comes across your desk.

You and your staff probably don’t have the knowhow, experience or time to fix every glitch, bug and malware that pops up on your screen. You also may not have the time to manage everything that happens behind the screen either.

A business IT support team can fix your computer and network when issues arise, minimising the amount of downtime your organisation experiences.

This can be especially important if you run an ecommerce store or an internet-based business, where a website outage literally means your business becomes closed (just look at what happened to Facebook and Instagram recently).

Streamline your resources (and save money)

If you don’t have the right IT support in place, you could be losing hard earned money.

That’s because mistakes are taking longer to fix, software is outdated and slows your systems down, hardware breaks and your team keeps waiting for a solution (or tries to fix it themselves, only to make it worse).

A good IT support team are experts in their field, providing both a fast response and cost-effective solutions that mean in the long term, you keep more of the cash you make.

Peace of mind

Don’t let your data fall into the hands of the wrong people. An IT services provider can prevent that from happening, giving you the peace of mind necessary to focus on growing your company to its fullest potential.

Proactive IT support in Brisbane when you need it

Exceptional IT support in Brisbane has never been easier to find.

Our expert Brisbane based IT professionals at GPK Group are ready to deliver a tailored set of technology solutions for your company, whether you’re a small and medium sized business, or a large-scale organisation.

As a leading IT company in Brisbane, we’re dedicated to providing tech services to businesses of unparalleled quality, being your long term partner.

So give our offices in Brisbane a call today, or submit an online enquiry, and let’s discuss what IT services are right for you

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