Common Misconceptions with IT Support

Common Misconceptions with IT Support

Navigating IT can be confusing for many businesses, especially if you are considering outsourcing your IT to an external IT support provider. In fact, according to a survey completed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, uncertainty around the benefits, and insufficient knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies prevented 24% of the businesses surveyed from investing in IT.

There are many misconceptions that businesses can have in regards to IT support and this article will help sort fact from fiction to help your business make the best choice for your IT support. 

IT Support Misconceptions

Misconception: If your business has existing internal IT, you don’t need external support

Fact: Outsourcing to an external IT provider can make your inhouse IT team more efficient

Just because your business already has internal IT staff, you can still save time, money and resources by hiring external IT support. Outsourcing your IT can help your existing technology person or team with updates and technical support, allowing your internal team to work on strategic planning and company growth, and other revenue-driving operations.

Additionally, internal IT staff or support teams struggle to provide the same level of expertise that a specialist IT support provider can provide. Specialist IT providers are constantly undergoing training in the latest technology, trends and software from which your business can benefit from. By outsourcing your IT support, you can provide your business with access to IT experts with specialist knowledge.

GPK Partners work with many organisations that have multiple IT representatives, and they leverage our knowledge and expertise to meet their business goals.

Misconception: External IT support is too expensive for many businesses

Fact: There are different support options to suit most budgets

A major misconception that many business owners believe, is that they just can’t afford to outsource their IT support. Outsourced IT services aren’t just for big companies; most IT support providers have options available to support businesses at a range of different levels and budgets. According to research from Deloitte, most businesses budget about 3.5% of their total business revenue to their IT spend, but all businesses are different and particularly if your business is just starting out it may be tough to allocate a large amount of your budget to IT services.

Speak with your prospective IT support provider to decide how much budget you are happy to spend and they will be able to work with you to configure a support plan and budget that will suit your requirements. 

Misconception: Managing IT internally is cheaper

Fact: Outsourcing your IT can actually save your business money

Many companies are under the impression that outsourcing their IT needs will lead to an expensive bill. In fact, outsourcing your IT needs to an experienced IT support provider can actually result in cost savings, because your level of IT support can be customised to suit your budget and unique business requirements. 

Additionally, businesses that only have internal IT teams can have much higher research, development, and implementation time, all of which can increase costs to your business. Your IT support provider can help you redesign workflows, automate tasks, and upgrade your equipment so that your business can easily and cost-effectively keep ahead of your business competition.

Misconception: Outsourcing means your business will lose control of its IT infrastructure

Fact: Your business’s IT infrastructure will remain 100% your property

Businesses who are considering outsourcing their IT to an external IT support provider often worry that by doing so,  they will sacrifice control of their IT systems. While your IT provider  will need a certain level of access and control over certain IT systems, all of your business’s IT networks will always remain under your control.

Allowing an external IT support company to manage your IT services does not mean relinquishing control, but instead they will be optimising and improving your business’s systems.

Misconception: All IT support providers are the same

Fact: It support providers are as unique as your business

This is an increasingly common misconception, especially if a business has had a negative experience when dealing with a previous IT support provider. In fact, some IT companies specialise in working only with certain industries and business types, and just like your business, IT support companies specialise in a range of different areas, and each offer unique expertise and specialties that they can bring to improve your business.

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According to a recent Smart Company business survey, 63% of businesses surveyed are looking to enter a growth phase, and a majority of businesses are planning to invest in their IT infrastructure and technology; so if your business is in the same situation, why not work with IT support Brisbane businesses recommend?

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