Inside Job: Tools for Saving Your IT System From Innocent Errors

Have you ever wondered where we’d be today without internet connectivity? It’s become so pervasive to how we do business, it’s hard to imagine life without it. But as our reliance on this powerful tool grows, so too does the security risk.

One of the most insidious yet least understood risks to your business security is malware. A malicious software designed to hack and damage your computer system, malware has a tenacity to rival Mike Tyson, and is growing at a phenomenal pace: in Q3 of 2016 alone, the attacks blocked by just one cyber security company topped 18 million – that’s an average of 200,000 attacks per day!

Malware cannot only stifle productivity and compromise the integrity of your company’s internal data, it can also threaten your customers and suppliers’ confidential information, damaging relationships and ultimately, the livelihood of your business.

It continues to infiltrate many business IT systems simply because it’s increasingly clever at masking its true identity. Despite our growing awareness and ability to identify an unsafe link, email or app, curiosity often gets the better of us.

So what can you do to protect your business from innocent yet potentially dangerous actions like downloading an app or file?

AppLocker might be the solution. Developed by Microsoft as part of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 and now included with Windows Enterprise 10, it offers sophisticated control features that enable you to design specific rules to suit your business, effectively controlling what applications can be downloaded and run, and by whom.

These rules allow you to create unique identities with different levels of access according to the roles and responsibilities of the team or individual staff member.

AppLocker’s ability to protect your digital assets by managing and stopping the installation of unknown or unidentified apps or files by unauthorised staff is a powerful advantage, but the tool has several additional benefits for business owners:

  1. Lower overheads – Implementing AppLocker saves administrative costs, as it reduces the amount of time your IT or helpdesk staff spend addressing security issues, freeing them to focus on growth and development focused projects.
  2. Greater consistency – AppLocker also prevents old or outdated apps continuing to be used, saving your IT staff time spent managing incompatibilities between old and new versions, and ensuring your documents stay consistent across the business.
  3. Fewer license breaches – By ensuring that only authorised apps and files are downloaded and run by approved members of staff, your business stays protected from license breach that could result in financial penalty.
  4. Greater confidentiality – AppLocker also provides better management of sensitive information as only authorised staff has access – which protects both internal interests and personal data entrusted to the business by customers and suppliers.

The ability to effectively manage the flow of information across your business is vital to ensure uptime is maximized and sensitive data protected. Challenges to this equilibrium are many, but they aren’t always malicious or originating from outside the business. Tools such as AppLocker, which are readily available under volume licensing or a Microsoft 365 license, provide a practical way to mitigate these issues by preventing unintentional download or running of unauthorised apps and files – keeping your staff focus where it needs to be and saving your business valuable resources.

If change and meeting your customers’ needs is a constant, doing nothing isn’t an option. Be sure you are partnering with a company with the depth and breadth of expertise you require. Particularly one who can help you navigate end-to-end managed services, cloud, mobile and paperless office technology. GPK consultant, Ben Holian, is available for a no obligation discussion on how GPK can help you reduce operational costs, manage your IT footprint more effectively and create an exceptional experience for your customers. Contact: Phone 1300 000 475 or email for more information.

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