Why is cyber security so important?

Why is cyber security so important?

We’re more reliant on technology than ever these days. And, with this almost complete reliance on IT, comes the escalation in cyber security threats.

So let’s look at exactly why cyber security is so important for the modern business.


Cyber security is critical for modern businesses to survive

Cyber security is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s essential. Not just to help your business grow, but for it to survive.

It’s all about protecting your business’ information, technology, IT infrastructure, and users against both immediate and potential threats. The right cyber security solution safeguards your business’ essential data, and that of your customers and clients, against a range of cyber threats, which can originate from a variety of sources.

External cyber security threats

External cyber security threats are one of the biggest risks businesses face these days. Hackers, cyber criminals, malicious actors—whatever you choose to call them, these are the external parties actively attempting to infiltrate systems and access your business’ data.

They do so via a startling array of methods, ranging from phishing and malware attacks, to ransomware attempts, denial of service attacks, and SQL injections. Their goal is to gain access to your business’ systems and databases and retrieve information, money, or generally cause havoc.

Internal security threats

While external cyber security threats are one of the greater threats to be aware of, businesses can also be vulnerable to issues created inside their organisation. Yes, this can include disgruntled employees with an axe to grind, but it’s much more likely to be your own software and platforms letting you down.

Poor internal security protocols such as weak passwords, a careless approach to email safety, and unprotected systems all leave your business’ network open to attack. You may be using old and outdated software, or running an antivirus and firewall that haven’t been patched against the latest cyber security threats.

Human error

Data loss isn’t always malicious: it can all come down to simple human error. Not saving information in the right place, forgetting to save documents, deleting the wrong file, or simply leaving external devices lying around for anyone to easily pick up and run away with.

Disaster situations

As we’ve seen across Australia in the last 18 months, disaster can strike in a variety of shocking ways. Instances like fire, flooding, extreme weather, and even earthquakes in some cases, can all have a huge effect on your IT systems. Servers can be lost to office fires. Backups can be affected by a leaking roof. Extreme weather can shut off the power and damage your hard drives.

Advances in technology means advances in cyber security threats

It’s crucial for businesses and individuals alike to understand the implications of advancing technology, in order to see just how important cyber security is for your Brisbane business.

Take AI, for example. Machine learning and AI is fantastic for businesses, but it’s also a boon for cyber criminals. Instead of individual users and professional groups being the operators behind cyber security threats, we’re likely to see software programs and AI scripts delivering these attacks on their behalf.

Phishing attempts will get smarter, more targeted, and more tenacious. Malware will get more insidious, hiding even deeper in legitimate-looking ads and links. These attacks will be undertaken at a speed, ferocity, and breadth not available to the human user, and performed on a global scale.

5G means faster internet speeds—and faster cyber criminals

The 5G network will increase internet speeds to lightning fast response times. But as the world moves to faster internet, this also means that we’ll see an increase in associated cyber security threats.

Cyber criminals will move quickly to exploit security threats as they appear. Zero-day attacks have the potential to increase, as new software becomes available on the market. And, while the world upgrades to 5G networks, many users will still be connecting to older networks, and any unresolved flaws in these networks will still be vulnerable to attack.

Cloud computing and cloud access is a massive shift for businesses that brings fantastic benefits. However, with an increase in cloud services comes the increase in potential for cyber attacks. Vulnerabilities in cloud networks, platforms, and software have greater potential to be discovered and exploited.

An increase in IoT-connected devices further expands the playing field for cyber security threats. After all, more devices means more opportunities, more entry points, and more undiscovered vulnerabilities.

The right cyber security solution gives you peace of mind that your business is secure

Cyber security is important because we live and work in a connected world, and the right cyber security solution ensures your business’ technology and data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

At GPK Group we provide full-scope IT cyber security solutions to keep your business protected as cyber threats evolve. Get in touch with us today to discuss a cyber security solution for your Brisbane business.

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