GPK Communications Bundle: Simplifying the building blocks of a digital communications system, are you ready?

GPK GROUP has been a market leader in simplifying technology for number of years now.
By ensuring that our solutions meet and surpass the needs of our customers has gone a long way to ensuring our longevity.

We’d like to ask you a simple question, are you keeping up with current communication changes?
If you’re not 100% sure then please read on.

Today we’d like to showcase three elements of communications technology that we’ve pieced together to form the foundation of your modern communications footprint. Not only that we’d like to offer this to you as a fixed price package, based on a simple and easy to manage 36 month offering.

If we look at the building blocks of a current communications platform we need three primary factors, fast and reliable Internet (with no hidden data fees), a scalable Digital Phone System and most importantly a Firewall (even better a Managed Firewall). Often, it’s the Firewall and management of that we see lacking and sadly businesses are paying significant additional costs down the line for this oversight.

We’d like to help you. Please take the time to review what we’ve put together and please reach out if this is of interest.

Reliable internet is the backbone of all new communication solutions.

  • NBN Service
  • Local Support
  • Unlimited Data
  • Up to 100Mbps speed plans

Digital Phone System
Hosted virtual phone system, fully scalable for all business sizes.

  • 2 Phone Lines
  • Call Reporting
  • Conferencing
  • Mobile App

Managed Firewall
Protect your internal network and users with a managed firewall device.

  • Web Filtering
  • Remote Access
  • Site VPN
  • Reporting Capabilities

GPK Communications Bundle – enquire for pricing

Internet Connection | NBN 100
GPK is a complete ‘service’ provider. We provide the connectivity, deliver and install the hardware, configure the VPN and Security requirements and provide QoS (Quality of Service) solutions to ensure business systems are operating at optimum levels and are always online.

NBN 100 is a up to 100Mbps internet service with unlimited data allowance. Speeds on the network are dependent on connected technologies and distance from the network node.

Virtual Phone System | Hosted 3CX
3CX is a global leader in business VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) technology. It offers customers a simple, flexible and affordable solution that dramatically cuts telephony costs and management headaches.

Hosted 3CX is a phone system in the cloud, with the ability to scale as business needs change. Bundle includes Virtual Phone System, 2 phone lines, included national and mobile calls. Can be configured to work with mobile devices or handsets.

Managed Network Firewall | Barracuda F18
Barracuda strive to make the world a safer place. Believing every business deserves access to cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use.

Barracuda F18 is a CloudGen Firewall that is the ideal security and connectivity solution for businesses of all sizes. Included in this package is managed service to make changes and updates to the security device to keep everything working as it should.

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