What is Fully Managed IT Support and Why Do You Need It?

What is Fully Managed IT Support and Why Do You Need It?

Fully managed IT support is the blood flow of almost every modern business. If your company has a website and an online presence, an IT support team is imperative for proper and seamless functioning.

To be constantly present and active online, one will need 24/7 monitoring of all computers a company has, whilst also ensuring the company operations are not exposing themselves to data exposure, cyberattacks and information leaks.

By finding the best fully managed IT support in Perth, your IT hassles will disappear faster than your phone’s battery.

Because proficient IT support teams also ensure your organisation’s safety, security, and seamless flow of operations, you’re likely to see a boost in profits and performance with these professionals in your corner.

Fully Managed IT Support

So, What Does an IT Management Service Offer?

A fully managed IT support comes with a designated contract.

The contract could range from acquiring minimum help, all the way up to 24/7 monitoring and assistance.

Some contracts offer limited help desk assistance, whereas other more comprehensive protection involves proactive monitoring and routine maintenance.

In addition, a fully-managed IT support will include all the above-mentioned perks, plus resolve all day-to-day IT-connected issues. On top of that, the IT managed service provider will take care of the overall flow of the business software and operating systems, provide on-site and cyber security support, as well as standardised setups, installations, regular reporting, and more.

What separates GPK from the chaff is that our primary focus is on fostering lasting partnerships and looking to plan long term. When you partner with us, you’ll have regular structured IT meetings with your personal GPK Business Account Manager (BAM) and Technical Account Manager (TAM), as well as partner stakeholders.

This collaboration allows for holistic managed IT support and ensures we always meet goals and strategies that we have outlined on your behalf.

Last but not least, a fully managed IT service will take care of your company just like an internal IT department would.

What are the Upsides of Fully Managed IT Support?

There are more than a few pros of hiring a fully managed IT support team, with some overshadowing others.

Here’s what the perfect IT management can help you with:

  • Simplifying organisational systems
  • Enabling reliable IT support for predictable issues
  • Improving company proficiency and effectiveness
  • Decreasing employee time and stress spent on manual tasks
  • Increasing overall security and safety
  • Monitoring company expenses
  • Using technology to remove barriers
  • Achieve your organisational goals and targets leveraging IT systems and technology

Simplifying the Organisations’ Systems

With the significant development of technologies, IT systems have become much more complex and in-demand. The more complex an IT system is, the more monitoring and attention it requires.

Adding external support, however, allows easier monitoring of the systems and troubleshooting of any potential issues.

Enabling Reliable IT Support for Predictable Issues

More than a few IT issues arise from predictable circumstances that can be easily prevented when fully managed IT support is in place.

If you have planned routine checkups, or optimisation services and maintenance, you’ll rest easy knowing that the systems are taken care of and supervised at all times.

A fully managed IT support will also know which updates to install without wasting extra work hours.

Improving Efficiency

If you have an IT team working to stop any unnecessary disturbances during work hours, you increase your workers’ proficiency.

The maintenance and protection protocols include properly taking care of PCs, printers, and laptops and their regularly required cleanups.

Decreasing Wasted Time and Stress

With fully managed IT support, your business will function far better than before.

It will ensure no system is crashing, and that you don’t waste any extra time targeting an issue and resolving it thereafter.

On top of saving valuable resources, you will also save yourself the stress from having to monitor the company’s performance without apt IT support.

Increase Security Ten-Fold with the Essential 8 Model

Anti-viruses aren’t the only necessity for enjoying a secure IT system.

In fact, IT security goes far beyond firewall antivirus software and includes many more tactics that advanced IT professionals can implement to mitigate the frequency and damage of cyber security attacks.

Known within the industry as The Essential Eight, these mitigation strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Application control
  • Patch applications
  • Configuration of Microsoft Office Macro settings
  • User application hardening
  • Restrictions on administrative privileges
  • Patch operating systems
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Regular backups and restorations

Our experts can install and implement these mitigation strategies to various ‘maturity levels’ depending on the exact needs of your business.

Monitor Expenses

By paying only a small monthly fee, you save yourself from maximum costs when something gets broken and needs quick fixing. With progressive monitoring and reporting on what your organisation lacks, you’ll be able to save yourself from a lot of extra costs.

The Verdict

A fully managed IT support system is more than a beneficial extension of your business.

And given that the growing popularity of online safety had 49% of all businesses outsourcing their IT functions and praising this approach for a myriad of reasons, the urgency to get fully managed IT support for your company is greater than ever before.

Speak to our team of IT support experts today.

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