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Protecting your business is one thing - but ensuring your customer or client data is secure is a whole other level of concern

Don’t risk your business’ reputation by trying to undertake your cyber security yourself. There are so many threats out there, many increasingly sophisticated, which is why having a trusted cyber security provider is so important.

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Improve Your Security Posture

Ensure your business has the right cyber security solutions in place to protect you at every level.

Focus on actually running your business, not on potential cyber threats or disruptions. Our comprehensive cyber security solutions give you complete confidence that you’ve got a plan in place.

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Cyber Security Solutions

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The Essential 8 Maturity Levels

The Essential 8 ‘Maturity Levels’ are four levels of cyber security standards defined by the ASD. Maturity level one is a great place to start your security journey. We help you obtain certification and implement a security strategy.

What are the Essential 8 Mitigation Strategies?

The Essential 8 guidelines cover common cyber vulnerabilities that businesses face and employ risk mitigation strategies to address them, which are detailed below. This creates a baseline for ensuring your business has protocols in place to minimise the likelihood of a data breach.

Application Control

Keep strict controls over who can access, install, and modify your business’ applications, and where, when, and how these applications are implemented.

Patch Applications

Ensure your entire software suite are furnished with the latest stable security patches as soon as they’re available.

Configure MS Office Settings

Limit potential threat incidents by setting strict macro and security settings, enabling protection from common macro execution attacks.

User Application Hardening

Reduce the attack surface of your business software by optimising the security configuration of every application in your ecosystem.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Setting up MFA for your systems, applications, email servers, and more ensures that multiple forms and avenues of verification are required to access them.

Patch Operating Systems

Keep your business safe and up to date by ensuring you install the latest version of your operating system as soon as it’s released.

Restrict Admin Privileges

Set strict admin privileges across your entire network to ensure only the right people have the right access.

Regular Backups

Regular automatic backups of your critical data and information ensures you have the latest information available if your system fails, or is compromised.

Does your business meet the Essential 8 maturity requirements?

Don’t wait until you’ve been breached to act. We can audit your business’ security profile to identify the major risk points that need immediate attention, and then deploy the security solutions to solve them.

Why GPK Group?

Your business’ IT security doesn’t stop at 5pm - and neither do we.

We know that it’s not enough to update your antivirus and call it a day. Whether you need a general security posture improvement, or your business needs the full Essential 8, our expert team can help you deploy a long-term cyber security strategy that improves your security posture for the future.

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