Are Managed IT Services Cost-Effective for Businesses?

Are Managed IT Services Cost-Effective for Businesses?

Managed IT services are a cost-effective way for businesses to get the most out of their IT support.

But that doesn’t tell the whole truth. More accurately, Managed IT services actually help your Adelaide business save money in the long run, and even improve how it operates.

Here’s how they do it.

Actively reduce your business’ downtime

Your Managed Services provider delivers proactive IT support to your Adelaide business. The key word here is proactive. They put processes in place to ensure your business enjoys as much up-time as possible.

Proactive monitoring means your Managed IT support provider is able to catch and fix any errors before they become issues. They’re also a lot more responsive should you need reactive support. Your Managed IT service provider will be available for phone support, hardware issues, or special requests, working to guaranteed response times. The less you need their immediate services, the more effective their delivery is.

Optimise how your business operates

By providing proactive support, your Managed IT service provider gets to know your business’ systems, networks, and devices much more comprehensively than a traditional IT company in Adelaide. This means they get to understand the best and most efficient ways that you can configure your network and system settings. 

They’ll be able to provide advice on better ways to manage workflows and processes, and identify tools and platforms your business can utilise to improve your service delivery and performance. It could be as straightforward as helping your business adopt a new communication tool. Or it could be as in-depth as managing the migration of your data storage to a cloud provider.

Their role is to get your business’ IT needs running at peak efficiency—and from there your business operations will follow.

Reduce your IT budget

Engaging a Managed IT company for your Adelaide business delivers a significant cost benefit, and can help you save on your IT spend. Rather than engaging an IT support provider every time you need an issue fixed, or advice, your Managed IT service provider will be engaged on a flat, monthly fee, to deliver a specific service level.

Traditional IT support relies on a break/fix model, so thinking about it cynically, the more issues you need fixing, the more you’ll require their services. Managed IT support, on the other hand, focuses on your business’ uptime. The more efficient they can help your business be, the more value you’ll see in their services. So instead of calling out tech support to fix issues, at prices that vary depending on the service and solution, your Managed IT service provider will be on call as part of their monthly contract.

They can also advise on where your business can reduce its IT overheads. This could be things like auditing your network and identifying redundant devices and software licences, or seeing where you could upgrade old energy-sapping hardware into newer, more energy-efficient versions. Small savings like this add up, and your Managed IT support service provider can work with you to identify them.

Build room for growth

The IT support needs of your Adelaide business are only likely to grow—so it’s important that you’re prepared for this growth. 

Your Managed IT services provider can ensure that your business’ IT growth is taken into account in your long-term planning. They’ll work with you to deliver a plan that provides clear steps to take and processes to follow to expand your IT infrastructure needs as your user base builds, and as your company scales. When your platforms need to be updated, your managed IT service provider will already have a plan in place to ensure your platforms, software, and systems are upgraded to ensure your IT capabilities match your growth trajectory. Their team itself is just as flexible, and they’ve got the capability and technological ability to manage your IT needs whether you’ve got a team of 20, or 200.

Protect your business’ data

The right cyber protection is worth its weight in gold. So working with the right Managed IT company provides your Adelaide business with thorough and effective cyber security that saves you more than just dollars. 

The right Managed IT provider will work with you to ensure your business has all the necessary antivirus and cyber threat protection in place, and keep these up to date against the latest threats. They also provide tools, monitoring, and proactive support to ensure cyberattacks never have the chance to become an issue for your business in the first place.

A Managed IT support provider for your Adelaide business can help you manage your data backup processes, too. They’re able to deliver regular backup services, whether to an external location, a cloud server, or both, to give you peace of mind that your business’ important data is always safe and up to date—no matter what happens.


Get peace of mind with the leading Managed IT company in Adelaide

Managed IT services aren’t just cost-effective—they can keep your business safe against cyber threats, while providing processes to improve your operational efficiency. It’s win-win-win. GPK Group delivers comprehensive—and cost-effective—Managed IT services for Adelaide businesses. Get in touch with us today to discuss what a tailored Managed IT solution can help your organisation achieve.

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