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Get connected, and stay connected. We help you choose, implement, and manage the right internet and phone system for your business.
Improve your internet speed
Eliminate downtime and lag for good
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The only thing worse than no internet is unreliable internet

Your business relies on speed, and your internet uptime can make or break your productivity. You shouldn’t have to live through yet another patchy, pixelated video call, or worry that the slightest storm will cause you to lose your connection.

If you’re stuck using the same internet plan you’ve had for years, then you’re not getting the best speeds possible.

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Improve your internet and phone connection with one unified package

Say goodbye to dropped calls and internet that grinds to a halt during peak times. Get a customised internet and phone package that’s tailored to your business requirements, that ensures your connection remains stable, secure, and lightning-fast.

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We’ve been delivering phone and internet packages since the 
dial-up days

During that time we’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t. So we’ve put our money where our mouth is, and deliver comprehensive connectivity packages based on what we use ourselves. That’s right: we’re our own internet carrier. We’re proud to manage and maintain our own infrastructure, which gives us a level of control and access that most MSPs can’t provide.

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Connectivity FAQs

We know how attached people get to their phone numbers, so we’ve made it easy to bring your existing phone numbers over to use. We ensure that you don’t lose any, and minimise your downtime as we create your connection.
Yes, we certainly can. We use 3CX as the backend for your Microsoft Teams platform, and set you up with soft phone capacity.
Absolutely. As an ISP ourselves, we ensure you get optimal reliability by assigning your business with a static IP address. This ensures that your customers can find you faster with DNS, they get seamless website access, and you can enjoy more reliable communication through your cloud service.
We know that your business has unique communication needs, so we can help you work out a call plan and dialling system that suits you.