How to Successfully Choose an IT Support Company

How to Successfully Choose an IT Support Company

Choosing an IT company to support your business’s IT needs can be a difficult decision, as there are so many different IT providers to choose from, all with their own pros and cons. This article has some important factors to consider to help you select the most suitable IT support provider for your business. 

Make sure your IT support company has the required experience

When you are vetting any potential IT support company, you need to ensure that they have experience working with the type of business that you run. According to research by American cybersecurity and data backup company Datto, on average, IT companies can serve businesses across up to 6 different industries.
Different industries and business sizes can have very different IT systems and set-ups, so you will need to ensure your chosen IT support provider has experience with businesses similar to yours.

Additionally, it is a good idea to get in touch with some of their past and current customers, so you can determine whether their service lives up to their promises. Any reputable IT support company should be happy to provide you with references or testimonials.

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Learn what their specialties are

In addition to learning that they can competently work with your type of business, it is also important to learn what your potential IT support company’s areas of expertise are.

Different businesses utilise specific IT systems and processes that are unique to their business sector; for example, retail businesses have very unique IT requirements, dealing with systems like POS, stocktaking and inventory software, and warehouse connectivity and operations.

By choosing an IT support company that specialises in your sector, you can be assured that your chosen IT provider can confidently support the areas that your business requires assistance in, helping your business achieve its IT goals.

Ensure their service offering matches your needs

A simple way to compare different IT support providers, is to compare their service level agreements, or SLAs. The SLA should include a specific description of the services to be provided and expected service timeframes, and the tasks and responsibilities of both the IT support provider, and of your business. Your SLA will help to set the standard response times and processes for things like equipment downtime, asset management, and system failures. It also confirms who your primary contact person would be and any relevant escalation processes.

It is also important to learn if there are any specific things that your SLA would NOT cover that you would require, so you can ensure that you have any required plans in place for those situations or if you would need to look for a different IT support provider.

When you are getting quotes for your potential IT company, ask for an outline of their SLAs so you can check to make sure they match your requirements.

Find out their approach to security

According to the  Australian Cyber Security Centre Small Business Survey 62% of business owners surveyed have experienced a cyber security incident. These days, cyber security should be a major part of your IT plans, but it can often be confusing for business owners to know what they need. 

Your chosen IT support provider should have experience and a proven track record in providing cyber security planning for your business They should also be able to recommend procedures in case of cyber attacks or data breaches, and data back-up security measures to ensure your confidential business information remains safe.  It is also smart to partner with an IT provider who is able to provide cyber security training for your team; according to the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon, in 2020 human error played a part in 85% of all breaches recorded, so education of your staff should play a key role in your cyber security plans.

Make the right choice for now, and your business’s future

Finally, it is important to consider your future business plans to make sure that your chosen IT provider can help you meet the business goals you have today, as well as the ones you are planning for the future.

Ensuring that your IT provider can provide you with a scalable IT solution that has the ability to grow and change with your business is imperative to ensure a long-lasting business partnership.

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