A CEO’s Guide to Managed IT Services

A CEO’s Guide to Managed IT Services

A Managed IT service is the new next-weapon in a CEO’s arsenal.

As a CEO, you need to make tough decisions everyday about where to invest your money. Logically, you would be more willing to put your money in a place where you would most likely secure a return on investment (ROI).

But now, business leaders are being called upon to invest in a new kind of investment with no typical direct ROI: IT technology.

IT services can be the difference between a successful company, and one whose data is breached and reputation considerably damaged.

So below, we’ll outline what a CEO should know about managed IT services and how it will benefit their company.


What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services allow a business to completely outsource their IT operations to an external service provider, known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

These services are designed to lighten your internal IT staff’s workload. But they also act as your company’s partners to improve data security, boost the effectiveness of your network and provide a better IT experience for all your staff.

Benefits of managed IT services

While there may be no ‘direct’ ROI with IT services, the benefits far outweigh the costs – ultimately making them considerably worth the investment.

1. Reduced costs

The primary benefit of having a managed IT service is that you can significantly reduce the cost of retaining a large in-house IT team.

You are also able to avoid the cost of installing expensive software, as external providers have it all there for you. You can also focus on channeling your existing IT resources to what matters most.

You can also minimise the cost of cyber security threats, which we will detail more about below.

2. Minimisation of risk

Keeping your IT systems as they are may leave your systems and data exposed to major problems in the future. As technology advances and in-house IT teams become stretched, the risks of IT failure will become imminent.

This includes the risk of ransomware. A 2021 survey by the International Data Corporation found that over one third of organisations around the world have experienced a ransomware attack that blocked access to their data or systems in the past year.

But equally as dangerous as the risk of rogue employees. In 2017, global health insurer Bupa faced strife when an employee stole data relating to over half a million clients, and tried to sell it online. Data lawyer Bradley Freedman said that “one big network” is massively risky. Rather, that business should “structure itself so employees have access to the data they need, but no more”.

Managed IT services offer a solution to minimise all this risk. Not only will you have access to leading anti-malware software, but you can ensure your data is safe with trusted outsourced professionals.

3. Access to expertise

Having a managed IT system will gain you access to external experts, helping your in-house IT teams focus on what they do best.

Your in-house IT staff may be a master at the help desk, and provide assistance to all your staff. But they may lack expertise in advanced cybersecurity, the cloud and security compliance regulations. An external managed IT services provider will fill that gap in a highly cost-effective manner.

At the same time, your IT system may be better served focusing on strategic projects within your organisation rather than being bogged down in daily work. This could include troubleshooting your staff IT problems, doing routine software upgrades, backing up data and so on. A managed IT services provider can take over that burden, helping your internal staff. 

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