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CCTV and Alarm Systems

We manage comprehensive CCTV and alarm systems so you can cover your business against liability and risk.

Improve Security Coverage Storewide
Protect Against Liability and Risk
Create a More Secure Workplace for Staff

Accidents happen. And when they do, your business may be at fault.

It’s only a matter of time until an incident happens in your store. Whether it’s a customer or a staff member injuring themselves, a break-in overnight, or an avoidable accident in your warehouse, without video evidence of the incident your business may be liable for damage.

Without CCTV footage, you’re putting yourself, and your staff, at risk.

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Protect Your Business

Your business’ security shouldn’t be an afterthought: make it part of your IT suite.

A comprehensive CCTV and alarm system solution ensures that your business has the right security measures in place, inside and out.

At GPK, we work with you to plan, implement, and provide ongoing management for your entire CCTV and alarm system.

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CCTV & Alarm Systems

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We’ve seen the risks of not having your business covered by CCTV, and we don’t want that to happen to you

We deal with CCTV recordings daily, so we understand just how important installing the right system is. Clear, crisp CCTV footage can ensure that your business has recourse in the event of burglaries.

You’re able to monitor your workplace safety, mitigate liability and risk from injuries that may occur, and give your team peace of mind that you’re looking out for them should any criminal activity occur.

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