Top Benefits of Managed Data Backup and Recovery

Top Benefits of Managed Data Backup and Recovery

Data security is one of the most discussed topics among leading businesses. There is constant debate on whether data storage and backup should be kept in-house or outsourced.

Every business, no matter the size, ought to have a backup and recovery plan in place.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t realise the amount of money, staff, equipment, and time that is required to undertake this serious task. Not to mention that completing the recovery and securing of data is not guaranteed if you don’t have the experience.

Of course, if you are after the best-managed data backup providers in Australia, our Managed IT Services Perth are your business’s one-stop-shop for unparalleled data backup and recovery.

But, before you book a call with our team, it’s best to read on and learn more about managed data backup and recoveries and why you should always have a plan.

Managed Data Backup & Recovery

What are the Top Benefits of Managed Data Backup and Recovery?

Many businesses opt for strong backup and recovery systems to stay protected in a worst-case scenario. As the saying goes, the best defence is a good offence.

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits your business will be exposed to if you take the step to install a solid managed data backup and recovery plan.


A growing concern among companies has always been data privacy and protection. Businesses depend on ensuring customers that their stored data is safe. Once businesses lose this customer trust, it’s very hard to get it back.

Our managed data backup teams ensure complete on-site and secure physical storage, alongside cloud-based secure storage, and backup for better access to your data.

We also have a disaster recovery strategy for emergencies.

Expense Control

Outsourcing is a great way to save money. Think of everything you’ll need to set up a strong and reliable data backup and recovery system.

When you entrust professionals to keep your data safe from both natural disasters and cyberattacks, you can be confident you’ll be protected when the time comes.

Regulatory Compliance

The way data is collected and stored is strictly monitored and regulated. Not complying with these regulations may bring legal and financial troubles to your company.

If you want to get that burden off your shoulders, many IT support teams have extensive training and knowledge of the constantly evolving regulations—ensuring that your company is compliant with the current regulations in your industry.

Dependable Replication

Replication of data is a time-consuming, costly and stressful process that can have an impact on your daily business operations.

Our experts can assist you in applying the process of retrieving and recovering data. When it comes to managing huge amounts of data, minor errors can cause big headaches. It’s better to leave this to professionals.

Easy Management

Backing up and securing data can be a drain on resources and energy—just imagine the stress level of having to recover lost data. Recovery of data is time-sensitive as well, and no one really knows the state of the lost backup data until it is retrieved.

Luckily, managed data backup teams provide you with a comprehensive data backup and recovery strategy.

Experienced Teams

Vast experience is needed in managing data backup and recovery, especially in case of a disaster or cyberattack. Do you have anyone on your IT team that has the training for this? If you don’t, this is the right time to outsource this service.

Managed data backup teams have all the training and expertise to handle delicate data assignments. They will also provide you with a detailed disaster recovery plan on how to quickly and efficiently handle the issue, that should be read by all members of staff.

Maintain Client Reputation

We witness many companies losing their reputation due to the loss of clients’ data. Customer distrust may hurt your business in the long run.

You must be able to fix a disruption in your operation in no time or your customers will be knocking on your competitor’s doors.

What Managed Data Backup and Recovery Solution is Right for You?

Businesses today are faced with increased cyber and ransomware attacks. An Emsisoft report states that the US has witnessed ransomware attacks that affected around 966 governmental bodies, costing them around $7.5 billion.

Natural and other disasters are also potential threats to consider—although highly unlikely to occur, one is ‘preparing to fail if they fail to prepare’—according to the late, great IT Expert, Benjamin Franklin.

To make sure our clients don’t fall victim to Franklin’s adage, we recommend a form of the 3-2-1 data management system.

The beauty of this system is in the many ways it can be set up and installed, dependent on the exact needs of the individual. In it’s most simplest terms however, the 3-2-1 method is:

  • 3 copies of your data
  • across 2 types of media
  • with 1 copy of your data off site

When set up correctly, it covers 99.9% of failure scenarios.

At GPK we go one step further and also recommend that a copy of that data is immutable. This gives you the best recovery time, by leveraging local backups on site and having the protection of complete site loss & a cloud copy.

Choosing the right data backup and recovery solution is important. With 40% of small businesses reporting they have experienced eight or more hours of downtime due to a cyber breach in the last year—it’s undeniable that cybercrime costs businesses time and money.

Exactly how much resourcing is required can be hard to estimate, and is dependent on each business, but it’s best to be prepared.

Keeping it in-house might be what you prefer, but outsourcing it will grant you the luxury of a solid plan and long-term benefits.

Get in touch with our team and get your data protected today!

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