GPK Group is highly motivated to establish appropriate partnership structures that deliver end-to-end value to our customers.

The holy grail for our customers is a partnership structured across their end-to-end customer touchpoints, via technology and domain expertise. We know that we cannot be experts in absolutely every piece of technology, however having the right strategic partnerships in place means we can collaborate to deliver new or enhanced products and services to our customers.

We aim to establish partnerships guided by the following principles:

  1. Strategic alignment: The context is understood and supported.
  2. Collaborative governance: Adopting a partnership attitude with dedicated organisation.
  3. End-to-end approach: A holistic approach to managing the relationship scope.
  4. Business outcomes: Targeting strategic outcomes not just efficient transactions.
  5. Relationship between partners: Fostered through common culture and trust.
  6. Value beyond cost: Focusing on win-win benefits beyond cost reduction.
  7. Technology as a business enabler: Low cost and high value, driving operational improvements and innovation.
  8. Domain expertise and analytics: Contextualising data to create business value.

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